Frequently Asked Questions

For convenient scheduling, simply select the “BOOK HERE” button at the top of this page. Alternatively, feel free to reach us for immediate assistance. If you prefer, you can also fill out our contact form, and we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

Mind Body Pelvis, LLC does not contract with insurance companies. We choose to be an out of network provider so that we can provide holistic services while spending more one on one time with you. This allows us to focus on you as a whole person as well as ensure that we accomplish all of your goals without insurance limitations.
Since Medicare guidelines state that those covered under Medicare Part B must see a Medicare provider for physical therapy services, we are unable to treat or accept self-pay individuals with Medicare insurance.

Yes! Upon your request, we can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company. We encourage you to speak with your insurance company about reimbursement specifics as each company is different.

Nope! The Direct Access Law in New Jersey law allows patients to receive physical therapy treatment from a licensed physical therapist without a referral.
  • 90 min initial evaluation $225
  • 60 min follow up sessions $175

At your initial evaluation, Dr. Natalia will first gather a detailed medical history. The start of the appointment is a time for you to talk about your symptoms, what brought you in and anything you may be concerned about. You will be thoroughly educated on the anatomy of the pelvic floor that may have a role in causing your symptoms. She will then move into the physical exam which begins with a thorough assessment of your back, hips, abdomen, sacrum, cervical spine, posture and breathing. She will assess your range of motion, strength, sensation and functional movement patterns. An internal assessment of the pelvic floor may be performed only with your explicit informed consent. Palpating the pelvic floor will give valuable information as to the cause of your symptoms and how to best develop an individualized plan of care. Although this assessment can give valuable information, there are numerous external techniques that Dr. Natalia can perform as well. You get to guide the entire appointment and nothing is done without your consent! After the assessment she will discuss in detail the findings and what you should expect throughout your treatment moving forward. She is here to listen and answer any questions you may have about bowels, bladder and intimacy!

Nothing is TMI!

Not sure if pelvic floor physical therapy is for you? Do you have questions about specific treatments? Do you want to make sure Mind Body Pelvis, LLC is a good fit for your needs? We welcome you to to contact Dr. Natalia to schedule a 15 min free phone consultation prior to booking.