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As a wellness brand developer, Eric Rounds Agency specializes in crafting custom and bespoke branding solutions, paired with strategic digital marketing efforts, designed to forge meaningful connections between their clients and their audience. His comprehensive services encompass the entire brand development journey, from the initial design and content creation with SEO optimization, to website design and development, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence. Eric Rounds Agency is committed to not only establishing but also maintaining and expanding his clients’ brands through targeted digital marketing strategies, providing a full spectrum of support for their success.


In the realm of Fine Art Photography, Enrique Landgrave‘s work is an intimate dance with interpretation, observation, and the alchemical transformation of moments frozen in time.  “I am a perpetual seeker, tirelessly refining my perception and creative process to wrestle with and distill abstract ideas into tangible forms—be it the vibrant strokes of color, the graceful silhouette of a body, the vast poetry of a landscape, or the nuanced emotions etched onto a face.” ​ “My approach transcends traditional boundaries as I reimagine the photographic image, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of painting, music, literature, and cinema. Emotions, for me, are the guiding force, dictating the palette and organizing the purely figural elements captured through my lens. Each photograph is a vessel of narrative potential, evoking encounters and constructing immersive worlds where signs, sensations, and conceptual threads intertwine beneath a singular perspective and recurring theme.” ​ “My creative process involves a dynamic interplay of mediums, materials, and processes, resulting in the creation of individual images or interconnected photographic series that invite viewers into a contemplative dialogue with the visual stories I weave.”